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 6th Grade Supply List 2024- 2025

48 - #2 Pencils
1 Pkg. of Pencil Top Erasers
1 Pkg. of 8 - 3 Hole Punched Tab Dividers for Binders
2 Pkg. College Ruled Paper
1 Pair Small Pointed End Scissors
1 Pencil Pouch with 3 Holes to put in Binder
1 Pkg. of 2 Highlighters
1 Pkg. of 24 Colored Pencils
1 Pkg. of 10 Crayola Broad Markers
1 – 1 inch – 3 Ring Binder with Pockets in Front and Back
1 – 2 inch – 3 Ring Binder with Pockets in Front and Back
1 Box of Tissues
1 Roll of Paper Towels
Headphones/ Earbuds – cannot be wireless
2 Dry Erase Markers (Black)
1 Composition Book

Additional Supplies that would be appreciated:
-Extra Pencils
-Cap Erasers
-Large Eraser
**Please do not send any supplies other than the above listed items.
Sixth grade students are not permitted to have permanent markers/ sharpies,
white-out, trapper keepers (Binders that zip), or ink pens.
Additional suggested items that are helpful to have at home: colored pencils,
extra pencils, and paper


7th Grade Supply List 2024-2025

Pencil Pouch

Corded Headphone(will use daily)

Colored Pencils


Pencils/Erasers ( please restock through year)


 1-2 packets of Loose Leaf Paper

1 box of tissues


 1 plastic 2 pocket folder

Dry Erase markers with erasers

Calculator-must be Texas InstrumentTI-30XIIIS 

(for testing prep)


Composition Notebook

Plastic 3 hole folder

10-12 glue sticks


Language Arts

Composition Notebook or Spiral Notebook

Pocket Folder or Small Binder

Glue Sticks

Colored Pencils

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Social Studies

Index Cards

Folder OR Small Binder

1 Box Quart baggies


 8th Grade Supply List

- Pencil Pouch (must hold the items listed below)
- Corded Headphones- replace throughout the year as needed
- Colored Pencils
- Scissors
- Pencils (restock throughout the year)
- 1 box of tissues - for HR Teacher
- Pack of Pencils - for HR Teacher
- 1 Plastic 2 pocket folder
- 1 -2 Packages of loose-leaf paper
- Calculator- must be: Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS calculator (for testing prep)
- 1 Subject Spiral Notebook
- 1” Binder

Language Arts
- 1 Plastic 2 Pocket Folder
- 1 Subject Spiral Notebook
Social Studies
- 3 Subject Spiral Notebook
- 1“ Binder


School Fees $25.00

We’re excited to introduce PaySchools Central, Northern Local School District’s new online portal for school lunch and fee payment! PaySchools Central provides all parents in our district with an easy way to pay for nearly every school expense online or with a convenient mobile app. Click the a button below take advantage of these options.


Please find our Arrival and Pickup information here or in the link.

There will be NO bus notes this year, all students must ride their assigned bus.  Feel free to call the bus garage if you have any concerns 740-743-1533.



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